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Repair information and guides for the iPhone 6 that was released on September 19, 2014. Model Numbers: A1549, A1586, and A1589

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Tips for making the screens fit better?


I work in a shop where we repair a lot of iPhone 6. However, for some reason I still can't put my finger on, many screens doesn't fit properly. This often is due to the housing being bent or corners having dents, but also when the frame is perfect or near perfect the screens tends to be somewhat loose on one or both sides. Particularly on the upper left side by the mute button.

Sometimes this can be remedied with adhesive but I'd much rather do it properly if you guys have some general tips for fitting the screens.

Also, this happens with any quality. We use mid and high quality screens. It's less frequent with the high quality ones though.

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When a iPhone 6 comes in with the screen cracked, you can bet the frame of the iPhone's metal housing has become deformed slightly in a way at least (from dropping / physical damage) and probably won't let the screen sit like perfect so easily in some cases.


Yeah, of course. We use tools and files and good ol' finger muscles to bend the housing back into shape. Even though I often deem the result very good, it seems that the slightest deformity prevents the screen from fitting, often in the upper left area like I said, which sometimes makes the backlight shine through between the screen and housing. A very sore sight.

However I've been wondering if there are particular areas of the screen itself that is known to be off-shape which you could file down for better fitting or some such.


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Often times the only way you can get a perfect fit is if you get an original screen. Most after market screens I have seen stick out. The only other way you can most likely get a perfect fitment is if you get an even higher quality screen. No other solution really.

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Yeah seems that way, but I'm curious to exactly why. Which parts are better shaped and why? Is it the metal brackets on the side? Is it the plastic?

Only using original screens isn't really an option, sorry to say, due to the high cost and competition.


It's the screen frame quality, probably a bit of both the metal brackets to clip the screen into place and the plastic frame, higher quality ones tend to fit better with a less chance of a gap at the top left (and sometimes other spots) on near perfect frames.


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Tip ... for best quality screen ... PLEASE BUY FROM A REPUTABLE STORE OR SITE !!!

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Thanks, very helpful ;)


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