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Daisy Model 10 Carbine 400 shot BB repeating air rifle. Maximum velocity: 350 FPS. Maximum shooting distance: 195 yards. Lever cocking action. .177 cal. BBs. Part No. 300664-000

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BB gun will $!^& but not fire,doesn't seem to compress spring

Daisy Red Ryder B.B gun model 1938B

so my son,daughter and i were enjoy some pinking when my daughter says the bb gun wont fire. put it on safe and took if from her, I manually cocked the lever but if felt like there was no resistance, took gun off safe aimed and attempted to fire, nothing happened, tried the safety a few times to ensure it wasn't stuck.. that isn't the problem..

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apparently there is some sort of language filter here, I will assume you guys/gals know what I am trying to say about the condition of the gun.


It won't pump up ;-)


sure, there is another word but..


i,m not involved in any of this latest bb s--- ,m eighty yrs old and still like shotting cans and targets


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bpjefferson365 and @mayer, my thought is more related to the plunger and the lever not connecting. If the lever does not connect with the plunger then there will be no resistance. Even if the spring would be broken, it would still have some resistance since it can not move anywhere. See if this diagram will help a bit. Here is a really good tutorial, even so the model is different. It should still apply to your Daisy as well.

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It may be c*cked now.


Nah, the mechanism is not working for that


I have a old flip down barrel BB gun and it's missing the little round thing that connects to the fireing pin so it does flip back down


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Try checking out the firing mechanism : Daisy Model 10 Carbine Firing Mechanism Replacement

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