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Repair guides and support for phones manufactured by BLU Products.

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Why won't my message alert sound work

Every other notification sound works but whatever I try I can't get my message alert to work,any ideas

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Still no joy with my message notifications, help!!


try settings>apps>dialer>clear data

dialer may be called phone in your os


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If you can get messages but just not the notifications, you may have accidentally blocked messages/hangouts from sending notifications. Try going to settings>notifications>app notifs>messages/hangouts/whatever your messaging app is. Then reset all the settings to allow.

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Tried it but no success,thanks anyway. When I receive a message a notification comes up on screen saying,unfortunately message's has stopped,but I still get the message lol


Hmm, try go to settings>apps>messages>clear data. Be aware you will lose un backed up messages.


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