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Won't boot up; shows the boot up screen, then turns off

I was attempting to play Left 4 Dead 2 on my laptop with some mods, and when I opened the game I wasn't able to use my mouse or the keyboard. The game wasn't frozen but soon after I decided to hold the power button down to turn it off. Ever since I haven't been able to get past the boot up screen. I'm not willing to take the laptop apart myslef, but I can't seem to find any solid way to fix this online.

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Can't get past boot up screen as in windows login or what?


@ETHREAL1 Once I press the power button it shows the Acer start up screen then turns off a few seconds later


OK are you able to enter the bios?


Also, what is the model number of the computer?


Its part of the Aspire M5 series. It has a i5 and Intel 4000u for the graphics card. Also I apologize but I don't know what "bois" are. Fortunately I have already figured out what's wrong with it by brining it to a computer specialist and its either the hard drive is cooked (which I believe it is since the computer is quite old) or its something with the OS. I bought a new hard drive to see if it will fix it. Thanks for your help anyways. If you want I can keep you posted about it, and if it isn't the hard drive I'm quite sure its toast.


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This is either a problem with the drive or the operating system, you can find this out witch it is in a few ways.

1st you will need to get the Windows ## install media, this needs to be done on a working Windows computer, just go to and search windows ## media creation tool, you will need a 8GB+ USB drive.

2nd load into the bios, (when booting and the acer logo pops up try pressing f12 to enter the bios [may be different it varies from machines] if that doesn't work look on the manufactures website to find out how to enter the bios) once in the bios change the boot order to USB drive as first priority and save changes and power off

3rd insert the USB drive with the windows install media and power on the computer, now try to fix the current widows install if available, if there is that option it should fix any problems with the current Windows install, if not then the drive is dead.

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I had my brother go into what I believe were the bios and he managed to get to a reset screen but when he hit the save changes it didn't do anything. Maybe he didn't wait long enough but I wasn't there to see what he was doing. I'm not gonna try to tinker with that yet, but I may have to later. I also don't have any USB drives right now but I'll be getting my ssd tomorrow to see if that's the problem. If not I'll get a USB drive and use your information to see if I can fix it. Thanks so much for the help so far


Also here is a quick explanation of what bios is:


And here are some basics for the bios:


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