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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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My iPod fell in water, How do I fix it?

My ipod fell in the shower and nothing works. It worked right aftr, but then i turned it of and locked it. Now, nothing works. I press menu+the middle button, and I can hear it turn on through the headphones, but cannot hear the music at all. The screen does not light up. THIS SUCKS!!!! What do I do?

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or replace it. Clicking the tags to the right will lead you to others and their solutions. If you're not a DIYer (Do It Yourself) and don't feel able to tear down, examine and replace parts, or know anyone who could, maybe you can sell the phone for parts here or elsewhere.

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my ipod fell in water and is nothing coming is all black and i can see little water in it please help me to fix it thx


RE-READ the answer to which you commented. ' All you need to get started is contained in the Answer Be prepared to learn your iPod is beyond repair... there's a difference between "wet" and "under water" - since the battery was connected and not removed immediately some logic board or other damage is very likely permanent.


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i repair ipods and stuff for some extra cash on the side and whenever i get a water damaged thing i put it in a vacuum chamber i have and leave it there for a few hours for the water to evaporate, just make sure you open it up first, at least take the screen so the water has somewhere to go..., usual this fixes it but if not you can try and figure out what part there is still a problem with, science departments at schools usualy have these idk where else you could get one

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You need to get it opened and dried. Then cleaned with suitable chemical and a soft brush to remove corrosion.

After that, try to charge and restore it.

Sometimes charging from your computer isn't working. If that's the case, try a USB-charger (it has higher voltage, I belive).

- feed back is important, so please update on progress and accept answers that provides the right solutions to your question.

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