Released September 2015, the JBL Xtreme is a portable, Bluetooth speaker that is also splash proof.

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Dropped speaker, internal structural damage now bass rattles

Just wondering if there can be anything done. I dropped the speaker so it's not under warranty. The product is also non-repairable so the manufacturer does not provide parts for it.

But I dropped the speaker on the passive radiator and it received internal structural damage (half of the inner spokes of the radiator broke). I also had to bend the inner rubber edge back into place a little.

Now the bass rattles. I think changing the passive radiator component (which is quite easy to do) would easily solve this issue, but since the manufacturer does not provide parts this option isn't available.

I did tape around where the radiator attaches with electrical tape and this does seem to help with the rattle.

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Chinese manufacturers provide replacement parts. Not as good quality, but always something

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Thanks for your answer. Eventually I was able to source the passive radiator from a genuine JBL Xteme donor speaker. There are plenty now. Whereas at the time of posting, being fairly new, there were none on the market. I have 3 JBL Xteme speakers now so not even an issue anymore .


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