Announced in March 2015, and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 is the next flagship in the Galaxy line. The curved screen version is known as the Galaxy S6 Edge.

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How Replace Front Glass of Samsung S6?

I need to replace the broken front glass on my Samsung Galaxy S6. I have a replacement glass panel.

The instruction here do not detail replacement of just the front glass:

Samsung Galaxy S6 Screen Replacement

Must I remove the back panel and all else to replace just the front glass?

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Pls my case looks somehow different, cos my s6 LCD broke not the glass, can I get only the LCD screen


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Attempting a Glass only repair is extremely difficult and would not attempt it unless you have experience with it. It is best to remove the screen from the rest of the device before separating the glass from the display. this helps in avoiding glue from getting into the rest of the phone and causing more damage. if you don't have experience doing this type of repair i would recommend having a Full Screen assembly ready in case the LCD is damaged.

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Thanks for getting back so quickly.

I see what you mean about the difficulty in replacing just the screen.

I do have prior experience replacing LCD screen on iMacs and on older iPhones. That's a piece of cake compared to the glass on the S6!

The videos I've seen for replacing the front S6 glass have all been unsuccessful.

I had bought a replacement front glass on the interweb for $30. Of course that shyster site didn't mention it was impossible to replace just the front glass!


Any suggestions where I could get the complete LCD/front glass assembly? Some videos refer to the substrate layer under the front glass as the AMOLED?


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The "Amoled" is a foil type material on the exterior back of the lcd. Watch a few videos on the screen separation instructions, it has a very strong double sided tape holding the lcd (one side is placed on the Amoled) to the inside of housing. When heating the phone to soften the tape to prepare for separating the lcd assembly, you must be extremedy careful with the lcd. It is as fragile as an eggshell and very easily cracked during the separation process. If you are very gentle and patient, keep the screen heated at all times to about 100 Celsius using ultra thin plastic pry picks (business cards, playing cards, etc.) And careful not to enter the lcd (be certain to be under it and away from flex connections) . Once sucessful, the hard part begins, lol. Separate the glass from lcd using heat and playing cards, business cards, unless you have a separating machine and wire. Careful cleaning the lcd, keep the edges free of solution and protected from Loca...both get inside the lcd easily prior to uv drying.

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What kind of tutorial do you recommend?


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It is very arduous operation, you can find how it looks like here:

How to refurbish LCD for Samsung Galaxy S6

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