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Apple's 6th revision to the iPod Touch lineup, released in July 2015.

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Should I buy an iPod 6th generation that wont turn on?

Hi i found an iPod where the seller said his iPod wont turn on all of a sudden and i might know a way to fix it should i take the risk or not ? Anyone who knows can you help ? All i've seen is to soft reset it

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Hey Rahaul k,

I can't say yes or no.

Maybe you can fix it and you have a cheap iPod, however it also could be a waste of your money if it's harder than you think.

I would say don't buy it because you never know what exactly is wrong. The screen can be dead too, the battery, something on the logic board, etc.

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Thank You alot i think i will take your advice :)


No problem, I don't want that you are sad when buying the iPod and it's crap.


It could also be locked.


Thanks everyone is so nice around here :)


Yes, you're right mayer. That's even more worse.


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