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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Exactly what part do I need to replace?

So my screen had been cracked for over an year. One day my phone started to become unresponsive . I could still see everything and get my notifications I just couldn't touch it , I even had grey lines and pixels forming at the top of my phone. Naturally I thought it was just my screen so I went and got it fixed. My phone was working normally for about 2 hours and then the problem started to happen again without the lines and pixels. Now I'm at the point where I literally have to beat my phone for me to touch it. I'm not exactly sure on what part I need to order.

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Grey bar at top? Touch IC. Bring it to a mobile phone repair shop that does board level repairs.

Edit: Unfortunately I don't know of any repair businesses that does board level repairs of this type as when I have clients that come in with this kind of issue I usually send them off to the other mobile phone technician that replaces touch IC's (and this is in Australia so I assume it won't be of much help).

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@benjamen50 Would you mind expanding your profile? Do you do this type of board level repair?


@mayer I updated my profile description information, thanks for the advice.

Unfortunately I don't do board level repairs myself but I do have a fellow technician (from another store locally) that does board level repairs on iPhones and iPads.


@benjamen50 Ben, thanks. You know your stuff. You've probably noticed that I've changed several of you comment to answer so I could vote them up.


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