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Why can't I get into my homescreen?

I have reset everything but it doesn't reset. It won't let me go into my home screen. I just says unfortunately 2D home has stopped then other things pop up that say they have stopped also.

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Tehya falani,

I guess, your phone has infected by a virus/Malware! you may have re download original firmware.

resetting doesn't make any sense when virus infected to boot loader or anyhow got root permission / administrator rights on your phone :-( .

Most of time, OS install via SD card (dload) will works for you ( solution is depends on the virus that infected you phone) otherwise you have to go for flash via flash tool.

Xda will help you to get more information

Hope this answer will help you to fix your device!

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O meu huaweiy300 nao acende as luzes do lcd


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