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Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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LOCA versus OCA moving into the future?

As a precursor to this question I want to state that I have very little knowledge over this topic, I have just started some preliminary research before deciding if I want to invest in starting iPhone repair. In doing this research I have noticed comments of LOCA being less applicable to the I6 line and above, as well as some other attributes I have noted below...

LOCA - Messy, can ruin backlight, not great for iPhone6 and above.

OCA - Equipment is expensive, bubbles are difficult to avoid (even with said equipment), touch sensitivity is altered at times (possibly due to replacing polarizer).

RESPECTFULLY, I ask that only people who have been in the business multiple years, have used both methods, and would consider themselves knowledgeable reply to this question...

If you were to know what you now do at the time you started repairing iPhones (with the assumption that this technology was around) what methodology would you choose?

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As an edit and side note, I am leaning more towards the option of LOCA and simply replacing the backlight with a new one. Any opinion on that?


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I have had personal experience with this, if you do LOCA and are not careful about it dripping into the backlight and giving a Pink hint to the screen you can do LOCA. We also remove the backlight before refurbishment and then replace the backlight back again. This is cheaper and better than OCA as well.

Any issues in OCA makes it difficult for a redo but LOCA is easy to remove and clean and redo.

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Excellent. Thank you for taking the time to reply and give your input.


This is probably the best method to use in terms of using LOCA glue.


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