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The Razer Ouroboros is a fully customizable and ambidextrous gaming mouse. It was released in 2012, identified by model RC30-007701

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Help the lights on my Razer Ouroboros keep flashing.

The Lights on my Razer Ouroboros keep flashing on and off. What can make this happen and how can I fix this problem?

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Is the flash slow?

This could be that the mouse needs to be charged. Place on the charger or plug into the computer.

Is the flash fast?

This means you need to replace the rechargeable battery.

Razer Ouroboros Battery Replacement

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hi guys i need help with my razer it's blinking all tre bars at the same time all over and again and again but when i try chargeing it it still is blinking and when i play with wire if you guys know what to do help!

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