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The 8.9" version of Amazon's new high-end tablet series, released in November, 2013.

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Why is my battery not charging.

My hdx 8.9 will not charge.

initially it would not charge when hooked to the cable. Even after changing the cable and light jiggling of said cable. Eventually I got it to charge to 6% before it just stopped charging again. I turned on the device got tech via mayday. But then I could not turn the device off. When the batterywent out I tried charging it again with no result. BUT now on can't tell if it's not charging or the darned power button won't work.

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I'm having similar problem except the battery seems fine but it's stuck on Kindle Fire screen all of sudden. The battery is covered with Stainless Steel cover but managed to unplug and replug then turn back on and still froze on Kindle Fire screen

Please help


This is a common problem. You can follow the steps given in this guide to fix this:-


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Hi! I am sorry to hear about the Kindle not wanting to charge for you but I have a few questions to better assess where the problem is coming from. Anything else you can think of that I didn't touch on could be helpful as well.


  • Have you opened it up to see if the charging port is loose or damaged?
  • Do you have another cord to use to charge it to see if the original cable, that you tested it with, is damaged?
  • Has it been dropped, water damaged, or anything else I am not listing?
  • If all else fails, can you include to show pictures in your post of the inside of device around charging port area?

In regards to the question about pictures, I wanted to see if you can do that so everyone can get a peek at what you are looking at. Sometimes it is hard to describe technically what you are looking at and if you see anything questionable, the pictures will help and better assess the issue or issues. Sometimes the problem is one or more things affecting the device.

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No I haven't opened it. I am not very experienced with electronic devices of this nature. My father was the one who fixed them :) when I do I am only worried about soldering something that small.

I did try another cord. And having a Samsung I tested on it too. The cord works

It has a screen protector and we'll as a case. Has not been dropped nor water damage.

The fact that the power button failed (which is next to the charging port) has me thinking that something must be lose.


Mine is doing same thing . How do u open it ? I have looked this thing over and still can't find out how . Now I bought two kindles at christmas off of one of the Home shopping clubs on tv now they both are dead . No pic at all . Thanks karen


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fell in water and won't charge but it does turn on.

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Since your phone has dropped in water, I would be careful if you haven't opened your phone to inspect it. I would double-check the battery condition and how you handled the "drying out" process predicts if it is salvageable. Over time, you might start seeing white corrosion inside the phone and newer phones could use wireless charging as long as it is Bluetooth capabilities. If you do that, please proceed with caution and consider replacing the phone altogether to prevent further damage to the phone or injury to yourself.


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Your battery is not charging. Don’t worry. The first thing that you have to do that check your power cable which is connected to the charger which is attached to the power outlet. Your cable should be according to the Kindle that you purchase from the market. Second check the port of your Kindle. It should not be loose. Because if this happens, your battery will not charge properly. Third check the power outlet and verify it by putting another charger in that the current is flowing or not. After all these, still not charging your Battery. Just replace it. Still, your Kindle won’t charge and issue you are not able to fix it. You can check out the steps right here for your Kindle won’t charge the issue.

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