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Why is water leaking all over the floor when A/C on.

In my 1999 Acura CL 3.0, most of the water from the condenser winds up soaking the carpet in the floorboard. Sometimes when a turn is made you can hear it sloshing around and see it spilling onto the floor. The dealer said the condenser" housing" was cracked. Does that mean the condenser itself is cracked? What is the "housing"?

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The condenser housing may be cracked, but usually water on the floor means the drain is clogged. Somewhere on the firewall there is a small rubber tube that comes out and doesn't have an end on it. This is the condenser drain. You should be able to push a coat hanger or something up into it and push out the dirt and leaves or whatever is that is blocking it. This should take care of most of your problem. If it doesn't and the housing is broken; at least you didn't have to spend any money trying this first. ;-)

The "housing" is the part of the heater assembly that holds the condenser. It is usually part of the hvac assembly and is not a separate part. You will have to replace the whole hvac casing. I'd try the free fix first.

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@edesign - Eric, I doubt the housing is cracked more likely the drain is clogged with junk. The only way the Air box housing would be cracked would have been due to a crash. If the condenser was cracked then the oil in the line would be leaking out and the AC would be dry of any freon.


I assume the housing being referenced is the dash/heater casing. A crack there would allow water to leak out, but I agree the drain would have to be clogged to allow the water to build up in the casing. If the condenser itself were cracked, the freon and oil would all leak out.


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