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Mercedes W115 repair Guide cover's both w114/w115 models form 200/200D,220/220D,230.4/230.6/240D,250,280,300D and several other variants Estates,Coupes,Sedans from 1968 to 1976.

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How to refit the distributor on a Mercedes w115 220

I remove the distributor of my car and now I am struggling to get the timing right and my car won't start.

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The real Mercedes professional around here is @nsiemsen Nicolas Siemsen.

This note will let him know that there's a question about one. So I would wait a little to see if he sees it. Meanwhile if you would give a better description of why you were doing what you did and what the problem was and symptoms it would help him to diagnose the possible issues and get you a resolution.


@mike12 how did you "remove the distributor" Did you set the engine up TDC or just pull it? Why?


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@mike12 find your #1 cylinder and get it to top dead center on the compression stroke . Next insert your distributor making sure it is seated properly set your cap on and check to see if your number 1 wire is at the same spot as the rotor is pointing if not pull the distributor and turn it to match the #1 position plug wire. remember the rotor will turn as the distributor seats itself. keep it up till you get things lined up right

. Once there its just a matter of fine tuning the distributor(turning it left or right to advance the timing or set the timing back) to get it to fire. Once you have it running slowly turn the distributor till it idles well then get your timing light out and go to work making things right. You need to know the proper timing setting for your car. Hope this helps

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