How can I retrieve photos and contacts

Dropped phone into water will not turn back on after 5 days in rice

Is there any way to retrieve photos and contacts from it.

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The only way to retrieve info from a water damaged phone is to fix the phone and rice does nothing to fix anything except maybe to fill your hungry stomach . Rice is a quick fix they use in the movies to make it possible to repair damaged electonics . But like so many things on tv it made up for the show. Tear the phone apart and clean it with IP alcohol soak the motherboard to get to get the starch out that you got from the rice and to clean of any corrosion created by drying out the phone. Take special care when cleaning contacts and connectors and you will need to replace the battery with a new one . consider the old one dead even if it shows signs of life wet batteries eventually cause problems. The guild here on ifixit is good place to get info about cleaning your phone. Electronics Water Damage

and a guide to teardown the phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Teardown

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Use this guide:

Electronics Water Damage

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@lvfootball not exactly knowing what phone you have but I assume it is a Samsung Galaxy S6. Remove the battery and do not try to charge or to use your phone. It is time to disassemble your phone. Use these guides to work on your phone. Once you have it open and disassembled, clean everything with high grade (90%+) isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush to clean every part of your phone. Follow this guide to see how to properly clean it. it was written for an iPhone but it is still pertinent to your phone as well. You must remove all EMI shields for a proper cleaning. While you clean, pay good attention to see if there are any broken, burned or missing components. Of course the best way would be to use an ultrasonic cleansing if you have access to it. Clean the connectors on the board as well as on the cables. Once you have it properly cleaned, replace the battery then re-evaluate. Without getting your phone to respond again, there is no way to retrieve photos and contacts from it.

Like @jimfixer already explained, save the rice for some cooking. It does no good in electronic repair. It is a big myth and is equivalent to doing absolutely nothing.

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