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Model A1138 / 1440x960 screen resolution

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Long screws WON'T go back in! HELP ME!

I have a really weird, stupid problem, its not my first time a do a repair on apple laptops, i just never had this stupid problem before, i did change a dead hard drive, its not my laptop, its from a friend, so he trusted me his beloved PB G4 to change the hard drive and reinstall all of its software, i did open the device, i did change the hard drive succesfully, but now, when i did reassemble the unit, EVERY single screw did get back in without ANY problems, accept for this long screws, 3 of em just won't get in, they get in a lil bit, and then the screw just jams, it gets stuck, and then i have number four, and she will get in any hole without any problems, and i did check the screws under a magnifying glass, and they are NOT broken, the screw just looks EXACTLY the same as the one that goes into every hole! I just can't understand why this 1 screw fits in all the 4 holes and the other 3 wont go in either 1 of them, this problem drives my crazy, and i can't just leave them out coz its not my laptop . . . HELP ME PLEASE

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PS i talk about the 4 yellow screws in the second picture that you see if you open up the guide change harddrive of this model . . .


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Here is a guide that will walk you through which screws go where. I suspect you have put screws into the holes on the logic board in the wrong places and have blocked the long screws going in because you filled the holes already. I've done this myself when installing a logic board and not looking at the guide.

PowerBook G4 Aluminum 15" 1.67 GHz Logic Board Replacement

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There is 1 screw of the 4, that does fit in each hole, i did follow the guide step-by-step, and i am confident that the holes are empty, since this 1 screw does fit in every hole, but the other 3 wont fit in any hole, and they are not damaged because i checked them all 3 with the 1 screw that does fit under a magnifeing glass (sorry for my english, i speak Dutch), and the screws look exactly the same, no difference what so ever, so why would this 1 screw go into every single hole, and the other 3 don't . . . They stick out and they scratch my table . . .


Which guide are you following and what step are you at? Please give the length and type of screws you are using in mm.


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