Phone broke in half/ need addys!

I was charging the phone, and my foot got caught in the charger cord, and the phone was sent flying to the floor. Done it before, no problem. This time, the top and bottom halves of the phone separated. I can see a thin copper wire hanging out of the top half.

I do not need a new phone, I have a spare, identical model of this phone in my hand. But I need to retrieve my directory of names and numbers. This phone is old enough that I do not believe there is a card inside with them on it. Bummer. I just need to write them down, and then transfer to the new phone, as soon as I switch the phone number to the new phone.

Is this possible? Is this something you can do? And reasonably? I'm a senior on nonexistent Social Security funds, so at this point in the "month", I'm already pretty much broke. So any help or advice where I might go (no, not there, lol!) would be greatly appreciated!

Rita Ractliffe

my email is ... my phone # is dead in the water at the moment or I'd give you that. If we can get the phone screen and directory list activated, then I can transfer the number to the new phone, and copy off info.


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