The MacBook family was first introduced in May 2006 and replaced the iBook as Apple's consumer laptop.

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battery wont charge, battery is working

hi there, right now i cannot use my macbook (blackbook core2duo) the battery wont charge, when i plug the magsafe it wont light up, the battery icon shows as CONNECTED, but it says battery not charging, i remove my battery and put it into my friends macbook and it does work with it and it can be charged, but my macbook wont charge it, i really like to know whats the broken part, thanks in advance

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It is very much the same for me: a desperate problem! Charles I did run that test already before and it did not notice anything wrong. Yes I did take the connector out and noticed that it is not only a connector. Indeed it has some more tiny hardware attached. So it would be a good idea trying changing that small device... The Genious guys of apple would probably swap my mother board!


I have a simliar problem but my macbook will not operate with out being plug in. I do not think my macbook is recognizing the battery is in place.


Same problem, changed the DC-in board but did not help at all!


another interesting fact is that my macbook does not recognize my ethernet component either! It could be that the power of that component is also connected with the battery-connector?


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Hi there, that internal battery cable connector have a tiny circuit board attached to the wire leads that goes to the pins of the battery. Now it is possible for the little circuit board to be defective or a wire that is broken inside of it's insulation. If you have your original OS-X disc use disc 1 to run the hardware test and see if it sites that internal battery connection cable. Now do keep in mind that I don't know if that hardware test option on disc #1 will see that battery connection cable as part of the logic board (it's just not known for sure). All you can do is to try it and see what you get otherwise, I would replace that connection battery cable.


Hi, I just saw your response. The apple hardware test from disc 1 may show that the logic board is faulty. If so then you really have no choice but to have it replaced with another one that works properly. You can obtain a recondition logic board through the "We Love Macs" website (, there you should be able to obtain the parts you will need at a price that may be more to your liking and affordability.

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sure.but other people say that it does not work when they order a new one. and repairing it costs 600.00$

door looks like they hate macs... because the prices are very expensives... you can found definetely 50% prices in ebay.


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