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Apple's 2012 first-generation 7.9-inch iPad mini, with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage and an A5 processor.

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Faint Apple Logo Followed by Black Screen

This iPad Mini came in for a digitizer replacement. I went through the repair process as I have always done. Before sealing the unit, I turned it on to test. The device sits at the Apple logo, which is faint as if the back light was bad. This screen seems to be visible for slightly longer than normal and then abruptly disappears. At that point, the iPad screen won't wake up in response to the power or home buttons. When connected to power, the iPad dings indicating that it is on. Plugging the device into a PC brings up iTunes which recognizes the tablet. Disconnecting and reconnecting the battery for another attempt to boot up provides the same results.

I have tried multiple LCDs and replaced the back light filter just to be safe.

Please don't hesitate to give advice, even if it is only a suggestion.


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Take a close look at the EFI chip to see if it has been reworked.


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I don't know that this is an answer, but I found a few sites with issues that seem at least similar to yours, hope one of them help :

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Tried both suggestions from each site. No dice. Still having issues.


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Minis are picky little jerks. I've fixed more than my fair share.

The good news is that the dim LCD can usually be corrected by a hard reset. Hold home and power until the Apple logo appears. If the logo is bright, you are good. Just be aware you may have to turn up the brightness in settings. If the logo is still dim, then its an IC problem and its going to require some microsoldering to fix.

Please report back and good luck!

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