1.83, 2, or 2.16 GHz Core Duo processor

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MBP screen died with puff of smoke.

I started up my MBP, A1150 and a puff of smoke rose from behind the display. I now use an external display by mirroring (thanks to CMD-F1).

I can however see faint movement on the display - so it seems like the illumination has gone?

Any advice appreciated.

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The symptoms would indicate a failed inverter board. I've never seen one produce smoke. Before ordering any parts I would open it up and examine it for burned spots. Here's how:


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Hook it up to an external monitor. If it works. then it's not the logic board. If Apple is paying for it, let them replace anything they want.


Rofl. You're right - I'm no expert! External monitor works fine. I opened the machine as you suggested and saw no visible burn marks. Apple in Lisbon tried new monitor without success, and as inverter sits in monitor I assumed that if new monitor didn't work, its not the inverter.


As I said in September, everything points to a failed inverter or the cables connecting it. The classic diagnostic of this is shinning a flashlight on screen at an angle and seeing the desktop. If Apple in Lisbon knows that it works with an external and suggested a logic board replacement I would not go back to them.


I had my machine diagnosed by the Apple repair guys in Lisbon and they simply ordered a new display, saying that it's not the inverter board. To their surprise, the new display didn't work and they told me its the logic board that needs replacing.

I always get shivers when 'logic board' gets mentioned.


Are they paying for it? If not I would look further since you can use an external monitor it does not sound like a logic board to me.


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