Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Do non-genuine screen replacements lower resolution?

Can see pixels if I look closely, and images look worse than usual.

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I have the same condition. Is it the replacement screen itself that is crappy or did I do something wrong in the process of replacing it? photo here


Nothing wrong from your side, it's just the screen quality not up to original screens standards.


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No, the display resolution is hard coded into each model.

Maybe you are using an old app which is not designed for iPhone 6 resolution.

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Maybe I worded my question incorrectly. I can see minuscule lines on the new display. Very small. Is that to be expected?


You have a pic?


I've seen those before, from low quality or faulty screens. Take a photo of the lines so we know what you mean exactly.


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