Nespresso Aeroccino+ automatic milk frother, model number 3192.

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240 V ac applied to 120 V model!

Does the jug have an internal fuse? What is the likely damage in this case?

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Browsing for this i found, after searching for '120v' in the amazon comment section that it is only made for 120v.

Amazon page: Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Milk Frother

Also found a disassembly video on this particular thing..

How to Open Nespresso Aeroccino Plus Without Breaking It

Since i'm not a owner of such a thing i can't say what's inside, but if you're handy, and if it's broken, you can probably disassemble it yourself and check if there's any fuses.

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Thanks. I managed to open the device. No fuse found. Have not yet checked the electronics but not hopeful,


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Connecting 240V to any 120V appliance will usually result in instant and probably irrepairable damage to the appliance. Few appliances have an internal fuse. The fuse is in the plug.

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U.S. Standard devices have no fuse in the plug. Fuses are usually found in equipment that use the UK standard square/rectangular pin plugs. Thanks for the comment.


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