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Model A1236 / 4 or 8 GB capacity

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Backplate pulling off the front face, click wheel play

So I just purchased a used iPod Nano 3g from Tokyo, I`m sure it was non-functional in some way and has since been repaired. It has a few quirks, but the price was right and I`m comfortable pulling it apart. I tried looking online for some answers but since it`s an older model, I had troubles isolating the issues specifically.

First, I noticed that the clickwheel has a millimeter of play before the button actually clicks, it also depresses down when the middle button is pushed. The left, top and bottom of the clickwheel is solid however. All buttons are fully functional.

My biggest grip is that the silver backplate lifts off the frame around the lower right corner. I can push it down and it stays for a while, but it always lifts back off. I`m assuming that the previous owner damaged the corner clip when repairing the iPod, but I`m not sure whether it`s the front or rear face that needs replacing?

If anyone has any ideas, it would really help me out. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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@ryanjsoo the only way to determine which part it is would be by opening it up. I'd get a replacement rear panel to see if that fixes it. It will be easier to replace the back panel than the front and it might just fix this issue. As for the clickwheel, sounds a bit like a poor aftermarket part.

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