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Mid 2010 Model A1278 / 2.4 or 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo processor

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A1278 13" - Battery not charging, always green, ventilator full on.

I bought this macbook on ebay as a replacement for my other 13' unibody - i have no information about its history. It works perfectly on external power supply (but fans are on full steam).

Apple hardware test detects zero errors. coconut battery shows no values, battery always X out, magsafe always green light, never orange.

I have already swapped the battery, didn't help. SMC reset etc also have no effect.

The previous owner has removed (cut the cable) to the board with the battery charge indicators. I have ordered a new one and replaced it, but this didn't help (and the battery charge is not indicated when i press the button). I also swapped the magsafe connector board. My conclusion, this system has a HW fault on the mainboard. Given the SMC is not diagnosed as defect and the machine works overall, I suspect the charging circuit or charge sensing is gone.

Now ... I unfortunately dont have a board view (and no clue where I could buy it) and am trying to identify the resistors around the i625 - as I suspect it could be a charging current detection issue.

Therefore I just had a look at the i625 chip with a magnifying glass and took attached photo. Looking at it, I am wondering if this doesn't look like remainders of some liquid spill.

Any advice here?

- Does this look like liquid spill to you?

- Who can help me to identify which one is the current detection resistor?

Thanks in advance !

Block Image

Block Image

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Was this machine listed as working or sold "as is" or for parts?


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It was sold as working "partly"(i.e. only on external power supply), which is perfectly true. The seller had acquired in a batch and doesnt know the history that's why I am asking if somebody could identify this might have been a liquid spill damage. I believe it should be repairable, given the main components all seem to work well (machine boots and works under external PSU and Apple Hardware Diagnostic finds no fault).

Having listened to Louis YouTube seminars and being an electrical engineer, I am up to take the "brain challenge" of analysing and trying to repair this beast. Now... need some help to the above questions, in particular identifying where the charging current sensing stuff (R7020, R7021, R7023) are located...

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In order to test and find components you'll need boardview and schematic you must google and visit forums to find them , you look according to board number, it may be 820-2879-B its on your motherboard your have to look. Boardview is .exe application. It's the software LR is using on his tv screen.


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