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An industrial gas-powered stove by Vulcan.

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repaint front of the oven door. What spray paint should I use?

what black spray paint can bet used to repaint the front oven door?

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Here's how to do it:

Here's a brush on stove paint:

Here's what I use on my outdoor grill:

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Meyer, how helpful is it to refer me to a youtube video recommending a Canadian spray paint that isn't available in the US?


Try this, I got mine from Home Depot:

The video ws bout how to do it. I have found very few Canadian products that won't sell to the USA.


1. Home Depot doesn't sell that product, so you got something else.

2. My question wasn't about how to do it. It asked which spray paint is recommended. You seem to be saying I could have purchased the paint mentioned in the youtube clip. But you didn't, and I wish you luck if you try. You'll need it.


Forgive me for trying to help. I don't need the paint because I bought mine at my local Home Depot. See the link I gave. Maybe someone else would be willing to help you.


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