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Is a battery change possible?


please do a teardown of the new Thinkpad X1 Tablet!

I am wondering if a battery-change is possible.

Thank you!!!

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Can you change the battery?


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In case anyone finds this thread via Google in 2020 (January right now): Yes, the internal battery on the X1 Tablet (Gens 1, 2 & 3) is replaceable. Is it easy like other Thinkpads? Oh heck no. Is it impossible? No. A few things:

  1. The number and placement of screws you need to remove vary by the generation of the X1 Tablet. In my case, 2nd Gen, there’s two screws (all phillips head) on the bottom of the unit near the pogo plug, and three behind the kickstand on the back of the unit (one is “hidden” under a square sticker). The third-gen has several screws along the bottom of the back of the until as well as behind the kick stand, on the bottom (I think), and on the sides of the unit (one hidden in the grill, the other, not sure about the other one).
  2. Once you have the screws removed, pry on the bottom near the hinges. This will start to pull apart the sides. Once you have the sides lifted up just a bit, use a hard plastic sponger or wedge to gently, gently, gently, gently, gently separate the screen bezel from the back — think of it this way grasshopper, you’re removing the *back* of the unit from the screen, not the screen from the unit so focus your mental energy on getting the back of the unit off.
  3. Once you get the screen+motherboard+ports separated from the back of the until, you’ll see the battery (again, 2nd gen). But Ugh. Lenovo taped down the audio cable and the webcam cable onto the battery. These have pretty simple, thin black “lever” connectors (sorry, forgot the specific name for them) holding down those thin ribbons. I recommend disconnecting one end only for each ribbon (you’ll also have to peel off clear tape generously applied by Lenovo from off the connector).
  4. Once you have the two ribbon connectors off the battery, remove the battery cable from the socket on the motherboard. This is tricky. The first replacement battery I bought was cracked at this connector end and installing that battery was a no-go. The second battery was better and in one piece. The connector can be pried, very gently, up and out of the motherboard socket (the connector doesn’t slide in/out like on other Lenovo laptops I’ve worked on).
  5. Disconnect the wifi module cables. If you don’t do this intentionally, you’ll do it accidentally as the wires are routed between plastic tabs at the edges of the battery. They are pretty easy to reinstall by lining the metal connectors on the wire ends back up with their correct tiny posts on the wifi module and applying a little bit (gentle) force to push them down onto the posts.
  6. Unscrew three Phillips head screws and remove the battery.
  7. Reverse the process. RECOMMEND: Once you have the battery in place and all the cables reconnected BEFORE you screw down the battery or put the back cover on, press the power button… err… (actually that’s part of the back case)…. the little tab on the top left corner (just a gentle depress and it’ll turn on). If the X1 Tablet turns on, you’re back in business. Go ahead and screw in the battery and close up the case.

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This may be of some help -

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It appears that the battery is replaceable.

The article itself -

There weren't any instructions there that I could find, but it appears you remove the 3 screws behind the stand (one is hidden behind a sticker) then somehow pry the cover off. I haven't tried it on mine yet, but the temptation is great...

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There are 5 screws. Two more are under the bracket that removes to install modules.


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