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GSM version of the fourth generation of iPad released November 2, 2012. Model Number A1459 / 16, 32, or 64 GB

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Ipad 4 Digitizer connector repair


My ipad had b broken digitizer so i bought a new one and wanted to repair it myself. Unfortunately i damaged one of the digitizer connectors on the mainboard.

I ordered one connector and now i am trying to bring it on the board.

I have successfully taken down the old broken connector, but i got problems attaching the new one.

After taking it down, i see 2 lines which connects the connector to the mainboard.

The top line looks different than the one on the bottom. On the bottom i can see pins ranging over. But on top there is no pins.

Do i have to remove the pins on the bottom so both are on the same level or does both lines look different?

I can also show you a picture if you cant understand what i mean

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Definitely show a picture.


Post a pic please. I was with you up until the pins parts. This is a pretty straight forward soldering job, so it shouldn't be too hard to get back working.



I also broken digitizer connector of my ipad4 and I need to buy new one. Where you bought it?


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I dont mean to be rude but if you damaged the connector during a repair you have little chance of attaching a new one which needs to be soldered back on and requires some serious micro soldering skill. Take it to a local PCD specialist along with the new connector. The only exception to this is if the top latch has come off, you can fit a new latch by inserting it at the open position and fix it by closing it, now it should be fixed in and can open / close normally.

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Relax man. We all make mistakes. I break stuff every single day. Does that mean that I"m incompetent?

No. It means I'm human.

Plus...the IP4 digi connectors suck. They are brittle, way more delicate than any other connector I have ever touched. I've broken them. I have no doubt that I will break more in the future. It happens.


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