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Released June 2012 / Core i7 processor with Turbo Boost / Up to 1 GB GDDR5 Video RAM

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MacBook can't complete installation of El Capitan without battery?

I have a 15" MacBook Pro Core i7 A1286 (mid 2012)

I'm unable to complete the installation of El Capitan. I only have the HD & RAM memory installed (no battery).

Other Mac OS-X Versions are installing OK (even Windows). But, when I try to upgrade to El Capitan it never finishes the update. Also, it will not install via USB thumb drive.

I have tried everything!

I wonder is the problem I don't have the battery installed?

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We talk with indoor voices here ;-} Please use mix/lower case.

It also makes it hard to understand what you're trying to say. Hopefully my edits to your question reflect what you want to say.


Excuse me, I am using the translator!

My MacBook does not finish the installation of El Capitan.

The equipment is no battery, this may be causing the problem?


Where do you live? Its always fun to find out. No problems! Translators can sometimes mess things up.

I don't think the battery is the issue here. Did you follow my steps in my answer below? I think you encountered a needed firmware update and just didn't give it enough time to update.


I have similar problems. I am doing a clean install and I get further in the process by setting the time and date by opening Terminal and enter: ntpdate -u My other problems are that I get errors like ”Can’t find availble packages to install”! I am having a Macbook Pro Mid 2009 13” and I am trying to make a clean install of High Sierra + having a battery that wont charge anymore.


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I doubt any one has done any testing doing an OS upgrade to El Capitan without a battery installed. With that said I don't see why the installer would care.

So lets see if we can isolate the possible issues here:

  • The next thing I would do is check the HD, do you have enough space on it? You may want to run this program to clear out the old cache & log files: Disk Doctor.
  • I would then boot up under an external drive and run from it Disk Utility to check & repair the drives permissions & disk structure if needed (make sure the drive is setup correctly GUID & Journaled file system). Next, I would delete as much as I could so the systems drive had 1/4 to 1/3 of free space. The last thing here is defrag the drive using an app like this one: Drive Genius. Before restarting the system I would also make sure the internal drive is set as the boot drive.

Now I would do the upgrade!

I should point out El Capitan does do a firmware update so it will appear to shutdown and take awhile to restart. You should hear a long beep tone different than you normally hear. Don't touch the system! Let it do its thing. In some cases it has to go though the process twice.

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There been lot of chatter about El Capitan and the battery. (none of it good)

It may do something to the battery and have to have it in to do a complete update.


@Mayer - We haven't seen any issues here with our 300 + systems we work on which are all running El Capitan.

We have seen a rise in swelled batteries and shorted out SMC logic! Which we have tied to bad MagSafe adapters (the cable being bad).

Looking briefly though the posts you linked here, I suspect people have processes running that their unaware of (P to P file sharing bing one of the worst!). We control out systems quite tightly which could explain the reason we haven't seen the problems these folks have.


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Can some one say if terminal you can "battery off" (if your battery is dead, but u don't want to buy new one) so one can install a new OS X or...macOS ???

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