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A candybar-style smartphone by BlackBerry RIM released in 2009.

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No ring sound for incoming calls

I no longer have a ringtone sound for incoming calls or alerts.

I can make calls and talk and here my party but no ringtone.

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Can use the phone but have no ring on incoming calls


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Hi @Jane DeLoge

On the Home screen, click the Sounds icon. Verify that your sound profile is not set to either All Alerts Off or Silent.

If you have assigned a ring tone or alert to a specific contact, on the Home screen, click the Sounds icon. Click Set Contact Alerts. Click the contact alert. Click Phone or Messages. Verify that the Volume field is not set to Silent and the Vibration field is not set to Off.

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I believe I got it working and it was sound buttons it rang for me will see

what happens tomorrow. Thank you


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Try plugging some headphones in and out to see if that helps do this multiple times will having music playing. Then try calling out and have someone call you to see if it resets it self.

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Sorry but that does not make it work. Thanks anyway...


Found this article which another person had the same issue with their ringer and cleared there data base. Keep in mind if you fallow the steps in the article it will delete all your data please backup your data before clearing your data. Click on the link to see the article.


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