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Can I use an iPhone 6 custom housing on an iPhone 6s?

I want to buy a custom housing to pun on my iPhone 6s but because I can't seem to find any for the iPhone 6s I wonder if it's possible to use a custom iPhone 6 rear housing instead please help needed if possible

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No this will not work the internal parts are not the same, you are going to have to wait until the housing are released on the iPhone 6s

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Thank you bro


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The Custom iPhone 6S housings have been released, you can find them on eBay for around £30-£40 GBP. I picked one up and I am waiting on a black screen to have a custom matte black and gold 6S! Hope this helps :)

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Can here anyone tell me whats the meaning of this sentence "Its a housing not the iphone it self". As I am hearing this sentence for the first time. Plz explain me any1, in detail.


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