A television game console produced by Sony Computer Entertainment, also known as PS4. First announced February 20, 2013 and released November 15, 2013.

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Can't get new optical drive working at all (PS4 replacement)

Overall I really just tried to get the ps4 to stop sounding like a jet engine when starting. Cleaned it up. Couldn't start until I put washers into it with new thermal paste. Then the disc drive wouldn't do anything at all. It won't accept discs. It won't read them when they're in. I tried basically all different methods I found online from unplugging to database to pushing the disc in with another disk while it's off. Eventually I bought a new drive from ifixit.

Placed the old daughter board into it and it's still not working. I made SURE to have each connection made strongly with each wire. Though I do find I have a couple extra screws after the process. But I can't get the disc drive to do anything at all but the ps4 makes the disc noise when I press it, without anything else.

Fried daughter board?

And since I haven't used the drive at all, could I get my money back from them?

My daughter board was a 025 and I bought a 20 disc drive. But the drive looked exactly the same where the 25 looked slightly different to the one already inside??

It is a Destiny White if that matters

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Usually with problems like this it's caused by one or both of the cables that go from the motherboard to the disc drive. There is a large ribbon cable that people will often rip the small ears off of the sides on each end and that makes it so the cable is misaligned when you plug it back in.

Another common problem is where the 4 wire connector connects into the green drive board on the disc drive. If it's not fully pushed in and seated into the connector it can cause the types of problems you are having.

Good luck!

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I'll see if that fixes anything. How do you recommend pulling out the little pieces inside?


I'm pretty sure that's exactly what it is then because I didn't originally know how to pull that one out and so the metal part, I pulled it out (as in pushing it backwards slightly) instead of pushing d down. I think on both sides it is like this (mobo and daughter board). But both wires involved are new ones sent with the drive and are definitely fully inserted.


OK...so you most likely can't get the pieces of the ribbon cable out as they will be lodged in the connector. The best you can do is either replace the connectors (which is a difficult job unless you are an expert solderer) or you can take the new ribbon cable, cut the ears off and insert it into the connectors, then tape it once it's inserted fully and straight.


If the daughter board on your old drive is busted then you will need to buy another PS4 as that is not repairable.

And I also suggest you take it to a repair shop to get them to fix it instead of trying to do it yourself.


They seem to be fully inserted though. They line up evenly with the black line on the blue side up. Though I think I got mine with blue side down on one of them.


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