Upgrading memory/RAM from 2GB to 4GB

MacBook Air A1237 13" 2008


I'd like to upgrade my Macbook Air A1237 memory from 2GB to 4GB but I couldn't find anything on the Internet. Any help would be appreciated.


Update (05/24/2016)

@mayer You are absolutely right, it's A1237.

@jbrennan51 Appreciate your thorough answer. After posting my question over here I contacted Apple support yesterday and they gave me exact the same information.

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Hello DJ,

One of the most common questions I get is, “Can I upgrade the MacBook Air RAM or memory?” Although you can upgrade the RAM on older MacBooks and MacBook Pros, there is no way to upgrade MacBook Air RAM or memory after you buy the notebook.

Apple offers a MacBook Air RAM upgrade, but you need to choose it before you buy the MacBook Air. As part of the process to make this notebook slim, Apple solders the MacBook Air RAM directly to the motherboard.

This means there is no way for you, the average user, to do a MacBook Air RAM upgrade after you buy the notebook from Apple.


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There is an A1245 MacBook Air battery but no machine.

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