Released on September 19, 2014, this 4.7" screen iPhone is the smaller version of the iPhone 6 Plus. Identifiable by the model numbers A1549, A1586, and A1589.

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Could I place a Warranty Sticker inside and iPhone?


So I would like to have a sticker inside every completed iPhone repair I make, with a number on it so that I can track its warranty information and so on if the costumer were to come back some time in the future. That way I can also see if the phone was tampered with since the last repair, thus voiding my warranty.

I just has this idea and was wondering if this is possible to stick maybe over the battery connector. I just don't want the phone to all of a sudden burst into flames or something like that because of my warranty sticker.

Let me know if this is possible and or any suggestions!


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You're fine, won't do any hard over the connector. We use those in phones in my store all the time. Buy a lot of holo warranty void stickers online...easy to tell if someone has tampered with it.

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Thanks for your answer. Thanks for your suggestion with the hologram stickers. They look like they could serve my purpose well. You would not put it over any connections though?


No problem at all! Honestly I would put them over screws on the emi cover shields. This way if someone tries to remove a screw inside you'll know from damage to the sticker right away. Nice and quick and easy.


Ok yeah that makes sense. Thanks again.


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I put the serial number on every invoice that I do so if the same customer comes in I'll know if it's the same machine. I also use dots like these:

put them on the hard drive or battery.

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Thanks for the tip about putting the serial number on the invoice.


I also then take that serial number to , get the machine description and paste it under the serial number. Makes it look very professional.


You would take the entire description and put it on the invoice?

Wouldn't that make the invoice really large?


No, I just put in the header with the description on the machinelike this:


Apple iMac "Core i5" 2.7 27-Inch (Mid-2011) Specs

Mid-2011 - MC813LL/A - iMac12,2 - A1312 - 2429


Ah I got you. Thanks for the tip.


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