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Repair and disassembly guides for Sony DVD players.

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will only paly home burned DVDs

10 year old sont DVD player will only play home burned DVDs, not store bought DVDs, any ideas, ive run lens cleaner disc through it already

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I don't think it's a pb of decaying sensitivity of the module laser+LED/sensor, because the contrast is usually better on pressed DVDs than on burned ones.

I suspect your problem could (?) be a mechanical pb : maybe the TOC (the "catalog" zone of the DVD, near the center) of pressed DVD is closer to the center than the TOC of burned ones, and your head cannot go so for any more, if grease has gathered on its rails, at the 2 extremities of its course.

I would try a good "washing" of the rils, or at least a good exercising, with power off, to force (not violently) the head to go to the true maximum limit of its course.

my 10 cents ;-)

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I think there are a few reasons: 1 Make sure the bought DVD is the same region as the DVD player; 2 the dvd player is too old to support latest DVDs that comes with some newer protections; 3 a defective drive failure problem . Try another disc drive and you may want to take a look at how to make DVD player region-free

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