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5-Inch Portable Vehicle GPS with Lifetime Maps and Traffic (Discontinued by Manufacturer).

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Why won't my device hold a charge?

My Garmin device will not hold a charge and the battery drains very quickly.

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Try leaving the device plugged in overnight, even if it is claims to have a full charge. If that does not work the battery is probably no good anymore.

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Well, I could but the unit is only five months old. Ould the problem have anything to do with the fact that it is not frequently?


If the device isn’t charged very frequently then yes this can have an effect on battery performance, but it seems highly unlikely that this would be the sole reason for the device not holding a charge considering it is only around 5 months old. If it is still under warranty I would try to get Garmin to replace the battery or even the device.


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One person had the same problem, but with a different model: You can look at it here

In the link there are some suggestions that might be helpful.

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