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The Nintendo DSi is the third iteration in the Nintendo DS line, and made its debut in Japan in late 2008.

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Had a problem when I was removing the lower lcd

I follow every single step changing the lower lcd of my nintendo, but i run into one problem. In your step #6 when you remove the three battery conections, the main battery conection, which is the small white box with the red and black wire the solder broke. Do you have the small white component or can i solder it my self. Thank you

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Which of these two parts did you break? The tan connector on the main board, or the white connectors with the wires?

If you broke the tan connector, you will need to replace the main board; otherwise, you will need to replace the battery board. I don't think that iFixit sells these parts, check eBay.

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+ glad someone knows about these things ;-)


Thanks :) Actually, iFixit does normally sell the parts, but they are out of stock: the motherboard and the powerboard


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