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The 2008-2012 Ford Escape features a revised front and rear fascia and restyled LED tail lamps.

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brakes what is the bleeding sequence

What is the sequence to bleeding brakes on my 2012 Xscape it is not a hybrid

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I dont know the sequence on bleeding the brakes on a 2007 Ford fusion


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It's fairly easy to bleed brakes. First, have someone pump the brake pedal until the pedal won't pressurize any more. When the brakes stop pressurizing, have the person in the car hold the brake pedal down to the floor. While the brake pedal is being held down, someone will need to crawl under the car and crack the valve allowing the fluid to flow out of the valve. Repeat the process until the brake pedal gets firm. Proceed to the other wheels and repeat the process.

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Start your bleeding process just as stated over ..just make sure you start with the wheel furtherest from the master cylinder which would be you right rear then left rear then right front and finally your left front

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Some of the new cars have a criss-cross braking system. You have to pump and hold the brake, then open the right rear bleed nut, then the left front, and so on. watch for sputtering. That's air coming out. Also, make sure the" pumper" person keeps the pedal down while the bleeder is open.

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