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Repair guides for the MacBook.

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Are 2 and 3 antenna Airport Extreme cards interchangeable?

I have a Macbook with a failed 2-antenna Airport card.

Can I use a 3-antenna N-compatible Airport card in the computer? I have access to one for free. Or do I need to buy the 2-antenna model?

If the 3-antenna card works, how do I hook up the antenna wires?

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EXPRESS N cards require a certain buss speed, as well as a software patch for OS 10.4+ to enable them.

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You may have to create an Apple ID, no worries it's free.

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I have this same question.

To Machead3, your "follow this discussion" link does not go anywhere.

Any further help?

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Please start your own new Question only Answers belong here. Create an Apple ID and log in then past the following into the address bar.


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