I'm getting a little oil coming out of the exhaust pipe

Everything on the noped is new. I've replaced the rings and put a carbon fiber reed in it. It's not spraying oil out of the pipe but if I wipe the exhaust at the end of the MLM sidebleed pipe there is some oil. The plug im running is about 2 steps cooler than the stock plug. Carb is a Mikuni VM17 with a 30 idle jet and an 85 main. It tops out at 35mph so in not losing any power. I just know eventually this is going to be a problem plugging up the pipe and ports. What do you think?

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Is it a two-stroke? ;d


Yes. ;)

Oops. I have too make this comment a little longer, the page won't take comments with less than 12 chars. ;)


Are you sure you're not mixing too much oil into the fuel? What ratio is the bike?


The FA50 has a separate oil tank and an oil pump, so you don't have to mix any oil into the fuel, you must use straight gasoline.

Of course, you must use specific two-stroke oil only.

That said, a small amount of oil from the exhaust is normal on two strokes.


Using a lower heat range plug could cause some excess oil


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