RAM and SSD Upgrade: Manual='MoBo Soldered' but Teardown='Edge-Con''

I have an excellent DELL XPS 13 Ultrabook (L321X) from circa 2012), but now i'm on Win10 wanted to upgrade the hardware. The manual tells me that the memory is MoBo soldered, therefore not upgradable (darn them for following Apple's built-in expiry example).

Yet, when I came across the excellent, very graphical and top quality iFixit Teardown for the XPS 13, it showed both the SSD and the RAM removed, as they were, edge connected.

Mmmmm. So what i'm unsure of, is that if both the RAM and SSD can be replaced / upgraded, they look far from standard even the iFix teardown, I've added a piccy of the underside showing the references in the hope they are meaningful to somebody.

So, can I upgrade, or am I fixed with the 4Gb memory and 128Gb SSD ???

Block Image

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