The Apple iPhone 5s was announced on September 10, 2013. Repair of this device is similar to the previous models, and requires screwdrivers and prying tools. Available as GSM or CDMA / 16, 32, or 64 GB / Silver, Gold, and Space Gray.

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iPhone NOT increasing charge percentage unless 'Condition'

Alright, this is quite the advanced 'problem' as I see it.

I have built my own iPhone 5S out of numerous broken iPhones and spare parts..

The house came with the charging dock.

I supplied the Logic Board, Battery, Flex Cable, Volume, Main Camera, and Screen.

I now have this issue with charging... (After roughly.. a year's worth of time)

What happens is, I can plug the iPhone in. It shows it is charging, I can sync with it, I can move files back and forth.. HOWEVER, the battery % does not rise. The battery does not charge.

I've disassembled and rebuilt, and the problem persists. I monitor the incoming amperage and it is always negative values.. (-5 to -60, basically, discharging very very slowly in comparison to the usual 240-400 discharge rate)

With an absolute stroke of luck, I've found.. simply bumping the bottom of the phone against the ball of my palm or something like a piece of wood would cause the battery to start charging again.

So, bumping the phone when it doesn't want to charge fixes my problem..

What might be the module that seems to be doing this? My Battery is stuck down, so it's not moving anywhere.

I have plugged in a different charging dock and it successfully charged also.. however, I didn't test for a long period of time (I didn't actually install it, was hanging out with it open)

Anyone have an idea?

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.............Bump. :<


Just a simple thought here, is there lint in the charge port?


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That would be the charging IC chip at fault. I don't really have much information on how to fix it but it requires heating at a certain temperature to take it out of the logic board and replace with a new one without damaging the logic board components around it. It's best to take it to someone that is experienced in doing these kinds of repairs.

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Now I'm sure it's not the IC chip as I have inspected and made sure it's not damaged in any way shape or form.. and if it was, I am sure the phone wouldn't charge at all, correct?

A simple bump at the bottom of the phone wouldn't fix the IC chip, it has to be something else.


Sorry I didn't read the:

'I have plugged in a different charging dock and it successfully charged also.. however, I didn't test for a long period of time (I didn't actually install it, was hanging out with it open)'

Definitely not the charging IC chip. Is the housing damaged in way shape or form at the bottom? A badly mounted charging port can cause this.


Not that I'm aware.. that's what has me curious. I cannot believe how long it took me to realise that all I had to do was bump it to fix it (at least temporarily).

So yes, it's a physical issue, (was freaking out it was my stupid iOS image) but what could be so sensitive that a simple bump could fix it?

The charging dock is solid, at least I feel it is. It's definitely not loose, it isn't recessed into the house at all.. grommet is completely squashed as far as I can see. 3.5mm is solid, speaker's sound.. It's totally bizarre. ;d

And read my whole post dummy! x'{ *Bonk*


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Is there a part of the charging circuit somewhere possibly grounding? When you replaced the components did you tape everything up where it should have been taped?

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When I looked at a tear down there's nothing that seemed to need tape or grounding. Again this problem spontaneously arose.. it's been fine for a year and longer until now.


Try another screen and see if that helps. I told another user with the same issue on an iPhone 6 and it appears to have solved the weird charging issue.

It appears to be a ground issue between the charging circuit and the front display frame.


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