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Can I use the sim card to use in an at&T phone?

I ahve a Motorola phone right now with T-Mobile, but it's dying out on me, and I want to replace just for the next few months. Is it possible to use an at&T blackberry or at&t razor?


How can you tell if the phone is carrier unlocked?

What if it is a samsung phone?

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You can do this, but only if the phone is carrier unlocked. You can find cheap unlocked GSM phone's on ebay. GSM is ATT and TMobile's network. You could also buy a cheap ATT phone and attempt to unlock it yourself, but I do not recommend doing this if you are not familiar of how to do it. I hope I answered your question!



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Before using the other country sim care, you have to unlock your mobile.I found the unlocking service here .

By using this you can unlock your mobile easily.

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You can do this however 3G will not work, while T-Mobile and AT&T use the same EDGE frequencies, they use different frequencies for UMTS.

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There would still be carrier restrictions disallowing the sim to properly communicate with the phone.


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Thank you sfranklin00!!!

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