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Fourth generation of iPad, released November 2, 2012, available in Wi-Fi, CDMA, and GSM models with 16, 32, or 64 GB of storage.

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iPad 4 Completely Dead?

Hi Everyone

I've got an iPad 4 sitting here which i'd like to try and get working again.

It was brought to me and simply wouldn't turn on. No drops or liquid damage , never been opened.

I've cracked it open and replaced the charging port. Still no good!

I've also got a spare iPad 3/4 battery (which I believe is compatible? However despite this battery being charged , I still couldn't get any signs of life out of the iPad.

Is the logic board totally dead? Would appreciate some suggestions on this one!

PS: I also have an iPad Air with exactly the same issue but I think that needs a new charging port and i'm not very good with a soldering iron :P


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iPad Air charger port uses a charging port flex assembly that is basically a daughterboard that plugs to the logic board. So you will not need to do any soldering for that one.

Now for the iPad 4, this is almost certainly a component IC that has shorted / gone bad. Power Management IC is most likely at fault.

Here this webpage may be useful for you in the future:

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Great thanks for the link! :)


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