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Repair guides and support for Asus A43 series laptops from around 2011, including the A43E, A43S, A43SA, A43SD, A43SJ, A43SV. All models feature a 14" display and 2nd-gen Intel Core processors.

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LCD mark? What is this, and how to solve it

I spilled water to my laptop. Dried it for a whole 24 hours, upside down, well, my laptop is back to work with no problems, except with a mark appearing on my lcd screen. This mark is most noticeable on white display, and when you tilt away from the viewing angle, the more you tilt the more visible it gets. I don't understand. No scratch noticed, no physical damage. What the !&&* is this, and how do you make it go away? Need help..

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There might have been some water that somehow leaked into the bezel of your screen and when you turned it upside down it ran down your screen. So you might need to turn it off unplug it and get some screen cleaner and see if that will remove the droplet. If there is a thin plastic screen between the screen and the cover of the computer then there might be a drop between the case and the screen. It really depends on how the screen is manufactured. You might want to look on YouTube and see if someone has recorded your specific system being dismantled and determine if there might be water in your system or not.

First try cleaning the screen with screen cleaner, and a clean rag. Spray the rag then clean the screen with the rag.

If you still see the mark the try the take apart option after doing some removal research. Clean as before.

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I suspected it to be related to the water spilling accident as well. Its just that the mark is so different from what i expected it to be. Also, the mark does not show any trace from the side of the lcd, as water gets in from the side. Instead it shows there.

First step cleaning as in cleaning it externally right? Okay, ill try this

Its just that i want to leave dismantling as a last resort hahaha

Thank you for the detailed response


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