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The Wii U is a video game console paired with a handheld device made by Nintendo that allows users to play games on the GamePad. Repairing the console is straightforward as the device is very modular.

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Continuous syncing issues for Wii U?

Every time I try to sync my Wii U, it will work but will immediately disconnect afterwards. Why won’t it hold a connection?

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Make sure that there are no other Wii U devices in use in your household, and that other devices (cell phone, tablet, etc.) are not in close range to your Wii U. These devices can cause interferences in syncing. Our troubleshooting guide explains in further detail how to test for this common issue: Nintendo Wii U Troubleshooting

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It sounds like the WIFI/bluetooth module is bad in the gamepad. They are available online and are relatively easy to install. There is a nice tutorial here on iFixit.

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Wii U GamePad Bluetooth Replacement

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