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How do I fix a sticky space bar

i recently spilled cola on my keyboard and the space bar seems to be sticking or not bouncing back as fast as i used to i was wondering if i would need to remove the key and clean under it or would i have to go to the apple store to fix it

also i don't know how to remove keys from the keyboard i would need some advice on that thank you.

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Here's a YouTube video that should help:

How to remove and clean Macbook Pro keyboard keys

Good luck!

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I recently ran into this myself... sticky space-bar. I pulled off the key and cleaned up all the junk from 8+ years of use, but reassembly didn't help (in fact made it worse).

I ended up using some spray lube on the metal bars (after some trial and error). Seems all better now.

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Wow another victory for Tri Flow lubricant.

My space bar was getting a bit sticky and making things slowwwww.

On my almost 10 year old early 2008 Macbook Pro (Penryn), I couldn't figure out anything to do after replacing the spacebar with newer used version.

So I took you advice and gave it another look and cleaning with the Tri Flow lubricant on the metal bars and well, there ya go, better.


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Ehm, here's a tip. Next time, be more cautious. DONT &&^&^$^ DRINK COKE

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didn't work please help!@45334543534

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