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When I skate my board turns without me wanting it to?

I got a new board quite recently and I've started to skate around town a bit more, recently i've noticed that when i skate with the board facing forward, it slowly turns to the left and when its facing backward it slowly turns right. at first i thought that one wheel was slightly looser than the others so tightened it, nope, that wasn't the problem, if you know whats happening please help, its really annoying and when i skate past someone i nearly skate into them!

Thanks, Joe

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Look at the side of the board is it twisted a little bit or not? If you set it on the ground without stepping on it look at the wheels if 1 or 2 comes off the ground then it is most likely twisted(This happens naturally). Have you hit any curbs, mailboxes, etc. If it is twisted then sadly there is no way to fix it without cracking or snapping the board.

(I have had the same problem with my board.)

Sincerely - Cody R

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