MacBook won't charge because of burned chip on logic board, HELP, pls.

I have a MacbookPro Late 2011 A1286 15'' 2.0 Ghz 4Gb


I burned a chip on the Logic-board, whilst cleaning the fans, I didn't know what chip it was, but I closed it up, and remarkably, it restarted & and to my surprise, continued working, until I saw that the battery was not recharging whilst the machine was plugged in

Given advice:

Based on my experience, if the MacBook is powered up normally, but not taking charge from power outlet, which mean the charging board is defect and need to be replaced. There are two circuit boards inside MacBook, one is the main I/O board where the CPU, memory, graphic card are seated. Another is the power board which manage the battery inside the Macbook, this is the board you need to replace. Without replace the power board, you will have the same result using the HyperJuice external battery. The Macbook won't get charge at all.

I had a same experience on my old MacBook, and end up I found a replacement power board from eBay. The power board is a small piece that attached to the Magsafe power port. It has the part number listed on the power board, please find the exact part number from eBay and it should address the problem.

My Questions:

1: Does this makes any sense at all?

2: Why is the chip even necessary if you can replace it with a power board connection?

Thanks in Advance!

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