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ps3 slim not turning on, no bios access

My ps3 slim model CECH-3001B refuses to start. When I pug it to power , the stand by (red light) will come steady (no blinking), then if I press the power button, the (green light) will turn on and the fan will start spinning for probably a second and then it turn completely off. I pulled power supply unit out to tested, and it seems to be ok.

I also press the eject button while disconnected from power and then connected to power and the system comes on with green light and the fan spinning fast for about 10 seconds, then it will shut down with all lights off. If after this test I press the power button, it will not do anything at all, no red, green lights or blinks ...nothing happens unless I disconnect it from power and reconnect to power. It will only give me a red stand by light only after reconnecting it to power source.

Two days ago I take it apart and clean fan and heat sinks, also installed fresh coating of thermal paste over main chips on the motherboard. I wonder if there is anything else I can do to solve this problem. Even if I pull DVD rom and the hard drive, it won't stay on. Any ideas?

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try holding down the power button until hear 1 beep, keep holding until you hear 2 beeps, that may take you to bios. choose want you want to do next. I did that yesterday to my son's ps3 slim that was corrupt and it worked. Got from youtube (tempatec) is his name. there are others to pick from, type in your problem if you want to first.

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Hi there. Unfortunately, we have the same problem. If that happens, it doesn’t mean that the problem is the power supply. First thing to do before you replace power supply (that is the easiest way for non technical people), make it sure your power supply is not broken. To check, you need to FORCE ON your power supply by making a connection between 5 volts connection and acdc standy. Put 1 kilo ohms resistor between this pin connection. Try to study the connection and figure out. If connection was done, plug your cord and check if 12 volts supply presents. If 12 volts supply present, the problem is not the power supply. If the unit is good, upon pressing the power on from standby mode, the Mother Board will send 3.3 volts-5 volts to ACDC-Standby to trigger or turn on the driver the will turn on the 12 volts power supply. If there is a problem in a mother board, the 3.3-5 volts suppose to be feedback supply to turn on the Power Supply will turn off automatically if mother board trace a problem either the power supply or the mother board itself.

It is expensive to let the mother board to be fixed. I highly recommended to replace with a new unit. I also appreciate if there is a member in the group who can figure out (maybe a censor problem that cause the mother board turn off to protect itself or any capacitors or resistor to be replace. Thank you

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